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Born on the Westside of Chicago, Illinois, performing arts has always been one of Fly's greatest inspirations. After a variety of attempts to learn to play different instruments Fly found his niche, writing. Inspired by his mother's tunes and lullaby's, artist's like Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill, and poet Langston Hughes, he built a catalog of raps and poems. In an attempt to avoid the infamous streets of North Lawndale from consuming him, his family frantically relocated him to Mississippi. To this day, Fly testifies how that transition saved his life! It was in Mississippi where he began to take his rap career seriously. Fly linked up with his best friend Blockk and started recording. He later went on to form a secular rap group called the Mississippi Kingz (M$K) and recorded 3 mixtapes. Before completing his first solo project in 2008, he was introduced to the God of his salvation. Completely motivated by the truth of God's word he turned his energy from secular rap  to ministerial work. After 6 years of contemplating on how to express his love for writing raps, he discovered Christian Hip-Hop. Finding new inspiration from his Wife and children he recorded his first CHH song "Dying to Live" in 2015. In late 2018, he found himself in partnership with Freedom Corner Brand Execs J & L through what he calls a "Devine chain of events."


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